What Is the Best Essay Header Format?

Most writing courses will tell you the general structure of an essay. An essay is a document that has a particular format and organization. For instance, you have the introduction, body, and conclusion. A basic essay has an introduction, and end, all in a row. If you want to make your essay interesting, add a few subheadings that connect to one another.

A header is an illustration of where your essay takes place. It contains the author’s name, the title of your essay, and the course. Each title contains a heading, including the title of your essay, the date and page, and the page number.

Each essay starts with a title page and then introduces the essay. The body paragraph contains several subheadings that connect to the other paragraph, and each subheading appears at a new page. Thus, you need to finish up with a header. Most students begin with a title that, at least in most cases, is commonly known. Often, this entry appears at the very bottom of the page. It is the first paragraph that incorporates a specific format and organization.

So, as you are writing the essay, remember the general structure and the header.

Essay Header Format

Below is a breakdown of what to include in a great header.

  • Heading

Use the title to the first part of the heading, making sure it is in parenthesis.

  1. The author’s name

Explain who the author is if not given in the title, in reverse chronological order.

  1. Date

Plain sentence that writes a date and page number. This entry is less noticeable than the title since it is also in reverse chronological order.

  1. The title and institution

These two parts combine to create the title page and the name of the institution. Split these two parts into two paragraphs. In the first, break down the college name and then write the date and page number as well. Then, in the second paragraph, write the name of the department the author is from and the date you read the first book. Use colon (:) to write the title of the essay and page number if applicable. Remember to change the font, and lowercase letters for the periods.

  1. Literature review

This part details the book in question by listing all the main points. You can break down the work of each author by using the headers from the headers.

  1. Methodology

This part details the available methods used for the research. For example, the questionnaire used, the tools used, and the questionnaire participants. Make sure these details are descriptive to avoid confusion.

An ideal header format for an essay should add a bit of interest and spice up the attention given to the essay. With these tips in mind, you can easily adopt them when writing essays, which will be fun.

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