Tips on How to Draft APA Paper Format

When in college, your professors regularly give you assignments that come in various shapes. These tasks may either be in essay or research form. In the essay form, you are expected to give a balanced discussion of a topic related to the topic of research. Moreover, this paper format requires the students to have an impressive essay before they can hand in a unique document.

Nowadays, many students nowadays are being forced to write their college papers in APA format. In this format, the student is expected to include:

  • The title of the document
  • The topic of study
  • The title page
  • An abstract that summarizes the main points of the study.
  • The reference page.

As a good student, you should ensure that you are familiar with these sections and that you can replicate them when needed. When writing your APA paper, you must ensure that your abstract section is similar to the essay’s abstract. The title page is similarly presented. The list of all the sources from which you extracted your data and any notes you may have made is included in the reference page.

As far as titles go, most professors will deduct one star if you have left out the word page. When writing the last section of the body of the APA paper, you should include the heading Introduction.

What are the Sections of an APA Paper Format

There is no one size fits all when it comes to writing a college paper. Your formatting requirements may differ depending on where in your school the course is located. Sometimes, different faculties are known to have slightly different paper formatting requirements. This article will help you know the basic sections of each college paper format.

Title Page

The title page also bears the title of the article. In this section, you are supposed to provide all the names of your students in the curriculum. Also, you can indicate their course names if they have taken the course.


In this section, you explain what you plan to write about and show why your paper is significant. Moreover, here, you can also include any facts you obtained from your research and give reasons as to why you believe the topic of research will be beneficial to your learning.


This is the first section of any college paper format. It gives an overview of the paper format and points out some pointers that will help the reader understand your research more. It should not be more than three sentences.

The rest of the body should be organized in paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence. Also, you should point out the introduction of the main body section’s main idea and the supporting evidence you have included in your work. The paragraphs should be logically related. You can use tables, charts, and bullets to bring out your arguments clearly.


This section should contain a summarized version of your paper. Hence, you should back up your points by avoiding technical terms. Moreover, your abstract should be as informative as possible so that the reader can go through the whole of your paper quickly.


The conclusion in the APA paper format is a summary of the main points that you have given in the paper. It should be about 200 words in length.

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