Writing a scientific article

Academic articles are articles written by scientists and therefore in accordance with the standards of scientific work. In addition, they contain a lot of specialist literature, which can be cited without having to search for it for a long time. If you are interested in a title, then you can get the corresponding book, instead of just citing the quotation in the quotation stating this article.

Scientific articles have the advantage over books that they are up-to-date, provided that the corresponding issue of the respective journal is selected. A book always needs a certain amount of research time, which is shorter when writing a journal article. In this way, a recent article also ensures a more up-to-date. Especially in application-oriented sciences, such as business administration, sociology, political science or psychology, it is part of the standard scientific work to also process information from journals that have a name in the respective discipline.

How our academics help you

Especially in the first semesters, it is often difficult to find academic articles. This is especially the case when it comes to articles from older copies of the respective journals. These can be stored in the library on the shelf. But they can also be obtained only through the inter-library loan, without the computer of the respective library an overview of the content can be found. Often it is then necessary to get several bound editions on the way through the loan and read, and then to determine that the selected articles but did not get the appropriate information and promised the title more than they hold on their own topic.

In this situation, our academics can help because they constantly research in several libraries and know the lending system there exactly. If this is not the case, then they can quickly familiarize themselves with the order mode of another library. The usual journals in their fields know them; at least one of them they usually subscribe themselves. From previous work, they have already archived several articles from other magazines in folders, which they can also consult – provided the timeliness is still present. Our academics also find it easy to navigate the databases that can be reached over the Internet. In this way, they will not find it difficult to find items that customers ask for and contribute more. When it comes to ordering articles through inter-library lending or even through another university library, our academics and authors usually have good contacts with library staff, because they are already well-known and often inquire about their frequent visits to the library or with the staff even change a few friendly words. If an archived article can only be obtained from a certain university and there is no more time for the interlibrary loan, then it is quite possible that the library employees will call and mail the scanned article in a few minutes

Many articles are also written in English. Reading an English text and extracting the information needed for one’s own work is part of our day-to-day work for our academics. In this way, they can do this work much faster than do students who may have opted for another foreign language at the qualification level. Articles from professional journals are also necessary when it comes to carrying out meta-studies on a particular issue, for example by analyzing studies that already exist on this issue. Books are often tedious because they contain a lot of theory and are not always up to date. Especially in such topics are articles from scientific journals absolute treasure trove. Our academics know which journals are likely to find most of the information, and can search in this way. Often they find the necessary articles relatively quickly, because they have noticed earlier research. You do not need such articles at the moment, but remember when you need to edit them later.

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