What is an Essay?

Essays are short pieces of written content describing a point of view on a topic of concern. Once you are through with the preparation process, finding content for your essay is one of the most fulfilling undertakings. Learners are always encouraged to write about something they are passionate about by providing practical tips and solutions.

Essays are primarily used by students in the elementary learning levels to consolidate ideas from various topics. Some students may prefer to use research essay as a short paper to assess their knowledge or through an extended essay that concentrates on a particular topic. However, most times, you will be required to complete an essay with more than one topic, which is the norm. That being said, you can still complete an excellent piece with a single subject. It all depends on the tutor’s preference, which varies depending on the level. However, once you get to the college level, you will be required to use many topics in your assignments.

Essays are written and copied from various primary sources including newspapers, magazines and books, among others. Besides the chosen topic, there are a variety of other elements that compose an essay. They include:

  • Plagiarism

This is common in many forms, including magazines, books, and text messages. You are supposed to cite your sources and ensure they are authentic. However, despite these measures, you have to leave a reference on your essay. It implies your essay may be rejected or plagiarized, which can be a grave problem for some students. You will never blame anyone who plagiarizes, especially if it results from a simple mistake.

  • Discussing an issue

This is a popular way of getting past the initial proofreading stage in an essay. You get to review the essay word by word, making suggestions to your thesis statement and why you choose to do so. Plus, you can discuss any other issue that comes into your mind, which gives your writing unique character. There is a chance that your instructor may give you a hint on how to write an essay, so you can use it as a blueprint. In such cases, this is a terrific method to start your writing.

  • Presenting your best

Nothing says welcome to academic writing better than proofreading your paper. While this may seem like an effortless process, it can easily hurt your morale if it is going well. Start by going through your opening paragraphs to check for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. Once you are confident, you can move to your points and provide a detailed explanation of your thinking on that topic. You will have many different thoughts, which makes it necessary to have a third opinion in your writing.

  • Reflecting

This is a time-honored technique that can help you maintain focus in your work. After writing your final paragraph, you can pull a break and reflect on your paper. You may then decide on some clarifications, revisions or enhancements that need to be made to your essay. It all depends on how well you have consolidated your thoughts and ideas in your essay.

  • Imagining the solution

If you cannot write your essay in full clarity, you can try imagining the solution. You get to use your imagination to come up with a solution, whether it is new ideas, new ways of solving the topic or even new topics. Realize that until you write an excellent essay, it may take time to create it.

Tips on How to Draft APA Paper Format

When in college, your professors regularly give you assignments that come in various shapes. These tasks may either be in essay or research form. In the essay form, you are expected to give a balanced discussion of a topic related to the topic of research. Moreover, this paper format requires the students to have an impressive essay before they can hand in a unique document.

Nowadays, many students nowadays are being forced to write their college papers in APA format. In this format, the student is expected to include:

  • The title of the document
  • The topic of study
  • The title page
  • An abstract that summarizes the main points of the study.
  • The reference page.

As a good student, you should ensure that you are familiar with these sections and that you can replicate them when needed. When writing your APA paper, you must ensure that your abstract section is similar to the essay’s abstract. The title page is similarly presented. The list of all the sources from which you extracted your data and any notes you may have made is included in the reference page.

As far as titles go, most professors will deduct one star if you have left out the word page. When writing the last section of the body of the APA paper, you should include the heading Introduction.

What are the Sections of an APA Paper Format

There is no one size fits all when it comes to writing a college paper. Your formatting requirements may differ depending on where in your school the course is located. Sometimes, different faculties are known to have slightly different paper formatting requirements. This article will help you know the basic sections of each college paper format.

Title Page

The title page also bears the title of the article. In this section, you are supposed to provide all the names of your students in the curriculum. Also, you can indicate their course names if they have taken the course.


In this section, you explain what you plan to write about and show why your paper is significant. Moreover, here, you can also include any facts you obtained from your research and give reasons as to why you believe the topic of research will be beneficial to your learning.


This is the first section of any college paper format. It gives an overview of the paper format and points out some pointers that will help the reader understand your research more. It should not be more than three sentences.

The rest of the body should be organized in paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence. Also, you should point out the introduction of the main body section’s main idea and the supporting evidence you have included in your work. The paragraphs should be logically related. You can use tables, charts, and bullets to bring out your arguments clearly.


This section should contain a summarized version of your paper. Hence, you should back up your points by avoiding technical terms. Moreover, your abstract should be as informative as possible so that the reader can go through the whole of your paper quickly.


The conclusion in the APA paper format is a summary of the main points that you have given in the paper. It should be about 200 words in length.

A Simple Guide on How to Draft a College Assignment

Are you prone to procrastinating your college assignments due to various reasons? Worry not! With this post, you’ll be able to learn a simple procedure that will undoubtedly help you make the beginning rounds with ease. College is no stranger to instructors who want to go through the entire submission before handing it over for grading. It follows then that some of them will require you to complete specific assignments first before giving it a go. As such, these tasks will generally constitute the bulk of the submissions you’ll receive throughout the entire period.

As such, you’ll need a quick grasp of precisely what the instructor seeks to assess. That should be an easy task, right? Wrong! Every little detail you overlook could cost you a good mark. Hence, you must master the art of preparing and organizing your ideas before you engage the task at hand. Unfortunately, you’ll encounter different challenges as far as writing this process is concerned. Mostly, most instructors will prefer you come up with your essay’s header ahead of time. This method will make your job easy since you’ll have plenty of time to comprehend your requirements. Your introduction, on the other hand, requires you to create it as the last step before beginning on the assignment. What is it about the prologue that makes it relevant to your essay? Let’s find out!

What Makes a College Assignment Impressive?

As you look to create a compelling prologue, there are some tips that will undoubtedly work their way into your paper. You might be tempted to go for clichés that only add to the monotony of your submission. However, this could only end up being detrimental to your essay’s overall quality.

Rather, strive to find unique ideas for your paper. Ensure your initial thoughts contribute to a better understanding of the topic you have in hand. Just as important, ensure they have enough details to warrant further elaboration in the paper. Provided you leave out any extraneous information in the prologue, your message will be clear from the onset.

The Importance of a Good Introduction

Do you feel like you never take charge of the first paragraph? As we all know, the first thing an instructor will read is the title of your essay. Hence, it helps to get it in the opening sentence. On the off chance that you can’t reach that goal, you can always find an impressive intro to start off your paper. Check out the sample essays provided below and learn the essential elements of a great introduction.

  • Provide an in-depth explanation of the assignment.
  • Allow the reader to comprehend your thought process.
  • Ensure you account for the key points in your essay.
  • Come up with a thesis statement.
  • Tie your essay’s context to your target audience.
  • Give enough information to make your reader care about the topic

As you check out these tips, you should note that you need to adhere to the common sense rule. Make it simple for the tutor to follow without straining.

How to Compose an Expertly Land Application Letter

Understand that your claim for an interview can either get you your dream job or scare you in the process. There are various chances to achieve this. Some applicants concentrate on applying at their friend’s houses while others concentrate on applying to HR at work. It is essential to know how to take the right path to put you in the list of those from whom you will get an interview call.

Below is a basic structure to follow for your job application letter;

Use the Correct Wordlist

Before you write your application letter, make sure that you can sort the items by importance and don’t forget to acknowledge them correctly. The wordlist includes words you need to have in your resume that you will include in the letter. The specific words include;

  1. Employment history: Must include work experience dates, responsibilities, tasks done, titles, academic qualifications.
  2. Pay and remuneration history: Most applicants will usually forget about this section, yet it is one of the most vital as it will enable you to choose the best position for the money paid.
  3. Previous experiences: It shows that you can tackle challenges head on. Why don’t we just say it; prior experience is the most significant life experience. Therefore, even if you had a history of nurturing hard times, you’ll more than adequately equip yourself to handle the pressures that come with your job application.
  4. Physical location.

It is essential to note that your present city is only a listing on a document, so you must include the physical location of your city. The previous employer could have an account of where you went to school and such but your city is an essential element that you don’t forget to mention.

Pick your main focus

The primary focus on your letter is that you must have something that puts you in a position to attract the attention of the relevant selection team. It should convince the reader that you are worthy of their trust.

How to Compose a Winning CV

Writing your application will be not easy without a second opinion. Therefore, identify a friend or associate who will write it for you. Let them know your hard times and the extra skills you have, for they will be able to give your article a professional touch.

Write your application on professional cards that make it easier to compose the contents on the fly. It is crucial to write the application just as you would write a book; starting from the introduction, which should contain some core information that makes you stand out.

Here is a basic structure that will help you compose a powerful cover letter;

Title Page

It is crucial to note that your title page has to look as professional as possible. It has to include a registration number, name, phone number and email address, among other details that prove your authenticity.


It is crucial to make the introduction very catchy to grab the attention of the reader and present you as the most suitable applicant. This should be done in a way that will satisfy your reader’s curiosity and make them eager to proceed with your application.


Your body should contain the same information as your introduction. You are expected to back up your skill and points with hard experience.

Your CV should be highly functional because it is based on the skills mentioned above. Most people tend to focus on a few qualities that don’t guarantee any success.

How looks workplace of website content writer

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